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Social media marketing is a necessity for most brands. We are living in a world where almost everyone has an account with at least one social media platform –  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. Social media marketing is an efficient way of reaching a large audience and is the cheapest online advertising solution out Social Media Typethere if executed properly by a knowledgeable social media manager. It is important to understand that social media marketing is primarily a tool to build brand awareness and an audience which will result in your audience visiting your website or physical store. Social media marketing can also be a tool to change your brand image – for example if you are doing rebranding or if you would like to make your brand a more premium one. Not many industries can rely only on social media marketing only to increase their sales so keep in mind that social media in most cases is a marketing tool on top of other online marketing you should be doing, such as SEO and potentially email marketing, pay per click marketing etc. Anyone can set up and run a social media account but only an experienced social media manager will be able to create a strategy and do the ongoing platform management that will be effective.

Every day we see businesses treating their social media marketing lightly – posting done randomly and inconsistently, no clear message is being communicated, there is clearly no strategy behind, no advertising money is being put behind the posts, comments being deleted or unanswered. All these are major DON’Ts when it comes to social media management.

Here are some tips on how the social media marketing should be done:

  1. define your buyer persona – be as detailed as you can. Where do they live? What do they do? How old are they? What are their interests? You have to make a description as detailed as possible of who is your buyer. Once you’ve done that you will be able to write a strategy on how to make them interested in your brand & your product
  2. which platform is your buyer using? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Other? Which one is most relevant to what you are selling?
  3. define your message. It has to be very clear what you wish to communicate to your potential buyer and be consistent. Are you affordable or premium? Are you local or international? If you position yourself as an affordable brand for example, posting pictures of premium products would create a discrepancy between your brand identity and your buyer’s and will dilute your message & image
  4. be consistent with posting – create a content calendar and schedule your postings in advance. Find out the best times of the day and week to post. For that you will need to try to post at different times to find out when there is more engagement. Get a subscription with a scheduling software, you will pay about $150 per month for the subscription – it will save you a lot of time!
  5. put some bucks behind your posts. If you are starting from zero putting just $500 a month in paid Facebook ads will help you grow an audience quickly. Make sure your social media manager know what they are doing as this money can be wasted otherwise!
  6. answer all your comments – good or bad. Answer them the same day, ideally within a few hours
  7. don’t be scared of negative reviews or comments. Things happen! But you better be on top of it and answer them straight away. Be nice and ask them politely for their contact details to get them off social media
  8. keep your content informative and your media (pictures & videos) high quality and relevant

What to expect from our social media management service?

Social Media TypeSocial media management offers a great way of information control. When done effectively, the spotlight will be on your company and the attention of the public will be on your business. When you have a great social media manager in place from a great social media agency, you ca be sure that your social media campaign will bring you great results!

Our social media marketing services cover all social media platforms – we will advise you which ones we recommend your business uses. There is no one fit all approach with social media as each business is very different. Almost any business is marketable on social media, no matter whether you sell houses or window repairs.

As a social media agency, we have a vast experience and knowledge on how to manage social media for small business and larger companies.  You will have a dedicated social media manager in  our Melbourne office who will drive your campaign and keep you updated.

To start building your brand on social media get in touch with us to book a free consult! To book a free consult with us give us a call at 03 86091078 or fill the enquiry form!

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