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PPC or Pay per Click is a paid for strategy for bringing traffic to your website, an internet advertising strategy used to pay per clickdirect immediate traffic to your website and works in exactly the way that it sounds.In this way PPC can offer you a much quicker solution as it offers almost immediate results. You will pay for every click – every time someone clicks on your advert. This is usually a short term tactic as PPC is an auction model so the price per click will always go up!

It is important to note that with a PPC campaign, only around 20-25% of people will actually click on your PPC adverts.
If you have the budget and the need, 247 Digital suggests a combination of both PPC and SEO as the most effective and time efficient strategy to get your site to page one.

As from what the name suggests, you only pay whenever your ad shows up. Our paid advertising services include AdWords, Remarketing, Youtube Ads and Google Shopping. Unlike most PPC management agencies we don’t charge a % of your budget when we manage your PPC campaign. We charge a fixed  fee meaning that we have no incentive in recommending you to spend more of you don’t need to.  Some of the features of PPC marketing include:

  1. Controlled budget: you can set aside the amount of money you are willing to spend a day for PPC and stick to it. If a need arises, then you can adjust the budget to accommodate the changes.
  2. Offers you more control when it comes to targeting: we will target a specific location and audience for you so your PPC moey won’t be wasted on irrelevant searches.
  3. You get results much faster with PPC: this is as compared to organic marketing which takes longer to show the return on investment (ROI). We would recommend you do both SEO and PPC if the budget allows as SEO is a long term marketing strategy as opposed to PPC that is short term.
  4. PPC opens you up to a larger market a lot faster: when you pay for your advert you always come on top, meaning that you will be seen a lot more compared to organic listings.
  5. Helps in generating traffic: as mentioned above, PPC opens up a website to a larger market and every time someone clicks on your adverts they will end up on your web page. This means that if the website SEO is still in its early stages, PPC will keep your website afloat.
  6. Effective promotional tool: when you want to promote a product urgently, PPC will be the quickest way.

As a PPC agency, we use quite a number of PPC types and they include remarketing, google shopping, YouTube ads, AdWords and much more.

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