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Email Marketing

Email marketing has gained a bad reputation lately as overall not many newsletters are being opened. As an email marketing agency we know that the reason for that is that this is only the case when people behind the email marketing strategy don’t do the targeting correctly and don’t deliver a relevant message. What does it mean? It means that not all the customers are the same and not all of them are after the same thing – as simple as that.

Why do you need an email marketing agency?

Let’s say you have a small window cleaning business and you want to use email marketing to reengage with your previous clients. The first question is – are all your clients the same and need the exactly same service from you? Most likely no, as you might have residential and commercial clients for example. You cannot expect the same newsletter to work for both. Your residential clients are likely to be a twice a year small job whereas your commercial clients might be a once a week or once a month large job. You cannot possibly expect them to be responsive to the same message in your email marketing.

If you are a larger company you will know that you need to do research on each of your target customers before you can get started with your email marketing campaign. You need to work out what each of your buying personas is like and how often you want to reengage with them. It is a fine balance between not saturating and not be present enough – they will either put your email address into spam folder or forget about you as you don’t contact them often enough. Your message has to be of high value to them – for that you need to know what they need, otherwise they will not interact with your email marketing.

As an email marketing agency we’ve seen many business owners underestimate the impact of their email marketing email marketing 1as they look at the number of sales as a measure of the success of the campaign. You cannot possibly expect everyone to purchase on the same week as you’ve sent out your email. You need proper metrics in place to measure how your email marketing contributed towards the purchase which we can provide.

Finally, and most importantly, have correct expectations! Email marketing is in place to reengage with your customer and contribute to the sale – not make the sale for you. Keep in mind that you offer a solution for your clients’ needs but they might not have these needs this month so you cannot expect all of them to make a purchase. What you can expect when your email marketing agency did their job correctly is to remind your customers about you and help you build a relationship with them.


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