Website copywriting is a service any business owner with a website requires. Many businesses come to us with some excellent content on their website that they wrote themselves but this content doesn’t rank in search results or doesn’t convert into purchases. There is no magic formula for SEO or marketing friendly formula and whoever says otherwise is being misleading. The truth is – website copywriting is not an easy task.  The copy has to have elements that make it easy for the search engine to understand what the page is about and rank it high on the relevance scale while providing informative and relevant content to the user. To be able to write a successful website copy you would also need to understand the underlying mechanism of offsite SEO and be up to date with Google trends, while making this copy appealing to your target audience. We provide Copywriting services based in our Melbourne office for all industries and needs. Whether you need content for your website or for your outreach, blogging or social media marketing – our team can help.

why do you need a local copywriter

It is not easy to find an independent website content writer, especially if you are not from the professional SEO background as you wouldn’t be able to tell whether your copy is effective for Google. Way too many website content writers offer you copywriting packages for a very low price and once you receive your order you realise that the quality is very poor. When hiring a copywriter online it is often impossible to tell whether that website content writer actually have a good level of English. We’ve seen websites that have such appalling level of English that no customer would ever buy from them as it tells a lot about the attitude of the business towards quality.

An SEO copywriter will help you create relevant and engaging online content that search engines and your audience will love.

You will end up a keyword rich (not keyword stuffed) online marketing content that is still chock full of your brand’s personality. And if you don’t know what keywords you should use, we can help with that.

If you are looking for an SEO copywriter to tackle your online marketing, including:

  1. SEO website copywriting
  2. Blog writing services
  3. Online article writing services
  4. Media press releases
  5. Business video scripts
  6. Social media profiles – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus etc.
  7. Optimising your existing online content

questionWhy choose us

We definitely recommend you use local copywriting services based in Melbourne for your content needs. It is important that your website content writer is a local person also because they would know the local market better than someone from another country. We offer a range of copywriting packages for all needs. Our SEO marketing clients enjoy complimentary SEO website copywriting for the pages targeted in their SEO campaign.

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